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Services for Mediators

National Dispute Resolution is the leading provider of mediation services in the UK. Having helped thousands of parties take control of their dispute and avoid the risk and costs of having the court impose expensive judgements against them.


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Our accreditation

National Dispute Resolution is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediation provider in the UK.

Benefits of Joining

Receive full clerking support as well as payment facilities for just 10% chambers fee

Take a look at our clerking service in detail here

Remember all panel members have access to

All of our mediators have the support of our expert clerking team based at our head office here in Bradford. 

Our clerks liaise with parties and the instructing representatives to fully arrange sessions, booking venues and where asked arranging travel. Our clerks serve as the first point of contact to parties meaning that you are free to undertake the actual mediation sessions. 

Our clerking team is the heart of all we do and allows us to ensure that things run as smoothly as they do. 

One of the best benefits of joining our panel is not needing to answer client questions directly or worse still missing client calls whilst you are busy. By placing our clerks number and email on your communications our team is able to ensure all of your calls are answered and you never miss that vital call again. 

Whats more you are able to ensure that you can get on with your day knowing that we can transfer clients to you when and if you are free to answer. 

Our custom designed mediation suite here in Bradford is free of charge to all our mediators both for sessions and if you simply need a desk to work at when in West Yorkshire.

With a library of mediation guides, marketing pamphlets and template documents you can avoid unnecessary work. 

Our template mediation agreements, deeds, and session documents are here for you to use whenever you need them.

Our helpline isn’t just for clients. If you need advice and support on any aspect of mediation our senior panel is here to help you

National Dispute Resolution undertakes multiple mediation schemes as contracts from training, SEND and our current Office of the Public Guardian Mediation Pilot Scheme. 


We were described recently as a casting agency for mediators! Our team do actively market your profile, both online for example on Linkedin and other social media but actually face to face. 

Our team regularly undertakes workshops throughout England and Wales where we not only introduce what we as a provider can do for businesses and law firms but introduce individual members of our panel and what they personally can bring to these companies. 

We include your details on many publications from our presentations and conferences to our email marketing and targeted brochures that go to some of the leading companies and law firms. 

As an NDR panel member you are not alone. Instead of approaching X law firm as Mrs Smith who is an accredited mediator your are Mrs Smith who is a panel member at NDR who have designed pilot schemes for the Ministry of Justice/Office of the Public Guardian, Trained NHS mediators, lead the way on Court of Protection Mediation etc etc. 

Use our reputation and organisation to promote yourself, not just as an individual but an individual who has the power of a national organisation behind them.

Our accreditation

National Dispute Resolution is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediation provider in the UK.

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