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Civil & Commercial Mediation

National Dispute Resolution is the leading provider of LPA and Deputy mediation services in the UK. Our tailored service for attorneys and deputies has been directly developed following our provision of services and requests from attorneys we have helped over the last few years.

Review Meeting Package

£ 650 Yearly
  • 7 two hour review meetings
  • preparation of meeting agenda
  • Individual pre-session meetings with each party
  • Circulation of minutes and agreements reached
  • 2 hours of additional intermediary communciation
  • Full records of communications kept

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Our Offer

Conflict between families, friends and professionals is not unusual. We see many people struggle to undertake their role because of difficulties in talking to the other people involved in their loved ones care. NDR can help to remove the stress and misunderstandings by offering: 

  • Initial Mediation- Creating agreement between parties on how to progress your roles and the requirements and boundaries in doing so. Often this is the only service required. 
  • Ongoing Review Meetings- Where things are strained or perhaps where you have found communication difficult, NDR is able to offer a subsidised service offering a series of regular meetings for as long as needed. These are chaired by NDR where we also work with you to set an agenda, ensure good working communication and supply minutes of the meetings for your records. This can be arranged independently of the above mediation service. 

Mediation is an excellent way of reaching an agreement on how to move forwards with practically undertaking the role of attorney/deputy where a conflict exists. Our research has shown that it is 86% successful and can save your loved one considerable costs when compared with the courts, it also keeps family in charge of decisions

We deliver these sessions by specialist distance mediation using our Online Mediation Software which even allows you to join by telephone and lets you take part in the comfort of your own home. Indeed doing so has been shown to increase the chances of the session being successful! 

These sessions costs just £599 (Online Service), which is 10% of the cost of the nearest known Court of Protection specific mediation programmed not by NDR. It is even a £1200 cost saving over our own face to face scheme saving your loved one money that could be spent elsewhere. 

Nearly all disputes are suitable for mediation. Common disputes are those directly between attorneys/deputies that are effecting there ability to undertake their role perhaps because they cannot communicate directly. When looking at Court of Protection mediation, it is easier to say what cases are not suitable, these are;

  1. Any case involving physical abuse of the donor
  2. Any case where there is a live police investigation 
  3. Any case where OPG are currently applying to the Court for revokation unless the Court or OPG agree to mediation taking place

Anyone can be involved in the mediation but the attorneys must attend in order for the session to be of benefit. We do not exclude parties who traditionally would not be a part of Court proceedings as long as parties are in agreement. 

We have already run this scheme as party of the Office of the Public Guardian’s mediation pilot where we extended the invitations to mediate to non-attorneys/deputies and found that this was of great benefit to the sessions. This was as whilst not having a legal role, they were nevertheless involved in supporting the donor or were a member of the donors family or network

No. Whilst mediation traditionally has a joint meeting and whilst this can be beneficial it is not essential. 

It will only ever take place where the mediator feels it will be of benefit and where the parties agree to it happening. You will not be under pressure to meet directly. 

Our friendly clerking team will contact you to discuss your availability and any requirements you have in relation to your attendance. 

We will then arrange a date and time that works for you and the other parties. Before the mediation our mediator will call you to discuss the case so far and they will ask you to fill in some simple paperwork that give a background on what has happened, where things ahve gone wrong and what you would like to see happen. 

Just before the session you will be asked to sign an agreement to mediate which sets the rules for the day and gives you some vital protection such as confidentiality.

The last step is to install our mediation software which can run on any laptop with a webcam, tablet or smartphone. It takes less than a minute to install and after this your are ready for the session.

You will need to login to the software, all you need is the meeting id which will look like 123-4567-890, once you enter this you will enter our virtual meeting room. 

When you and the mediator is ready you the mediator will join you in your virtual room and the session will begin. Only the mediator can see and hear you and the other parties do not have access to your room, you can even check this as all participants in the room are listed at the bottom of the screen.

The session will then consist of a series of individual meetings with the mediator where they will meet with each of you separately. Whilst you are waiting, you can make a cup of tea, watch TV or whatever you like. When the mediator is ready you can simply rejoin them in the virtual room and don’t worry, you can switch off your video stream if you don’t want the mediator to judge your taste in daytime television. 

After these meetings there may be a joint meeting and it is possible that an agreement may be reached that could be signed, again we can sign this agreement virtually using your phone or tablet. 

In essence the mediation is identical to a normal face to face session except instead of our stiff office chairs you stay in the comfort of your own front room!

Ongoing Review Meetings

From £93 per session* when booked as package

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Ongoing Review Meetings

It is a requirement of any appointment as an attorney/deputy whether appointed jointly or joint and severally that you communicate with your fellow attorneys and siblings. This is often easier said that done, with parties reporting worries of bullying, accusations and general concerns regarding communication.

NDR will chair meetings by video conference between the relevant parties to ensure that communication can be maintained whilst managing party fallout. In addition we work with parties to ensure they’re views are collected in advance of the session and circulate minutes afterwards. We also act as an intermediary in any necessary non-emergency communication that is required to effectively carry out your role.

These sessions are heavily subsidised by our other projects and so we are able to offer them at the rate of just £140 per hour  or to offer a package of 7 sessions which includes all prep work and session minutes at the fixed rate of £650 per package. That is the equivalent of one meeting every 6 weeks for a whole year. 

How often you meet is based on the individual case. Some parties ask to meet every month, others every quarter, some even simply want annual review meetings. 

We can discuss this with you and there is no minimum number of sessions. We are more than happy to just hold a single session once a year if this is what works for you.

It is your choice whether you meet individually with the mediator moving inbetween or as a joint meeting. Both work well and which is used depends on the individual case.

Our mediators are experts in conflict resolution, it is there job to ensure that sessions remain on track. 

If a session becomes heated they will bring things back to normal. Where personal remarks are made or parties feel uncomfortable the session will stop or will be changed back to individual meetings with the mediator working between you.

Yes, we keep a copy of all agreements, take minutes of meetings and with your permission keep copies of correspondence.  

Yes, where it is beneficial to the parties we can act as an intermediary in communication. Sometimes parties may wish to simply copy us in so that a record is kept of what was said, other times parties do not wish to disclose personal contact details. 

Yes, the service is entirely confidential. 

We would only ever break confidentiality where we are notified of serious crime or welfare concerns as per our safeguarding responsibility. 

We will track the hours spent and you may check with us at any time the current hours charged. We will provide a statement of account monthly where there is a balance and will bill monthly or quarterly as per your requirements. 

If you have our packaged scheme we will notify you and seek your permission before incurring any costs that go over that of the scheme sessions.

Either fill in the form below, email, call 01274 75400 or purchase our review meeting package directly and we will be in touch!

Review Meeting Package

£ 650 Yearly
  • 7 two hour review meetings
  • preparation of meeting agenda
  • Individual pre-session meetings with each party
  • Circulation of minutes and agreements reached
  • 2 hours of additional intermediary communciation
  • Full records of communications kept

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National Dispute Resolution is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediation provider in the UK.

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