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Independent Complaints Process

What do we offer?

Customer complaints are difficult and very time consuming. When customers raise a complaint more often than not they will wish to spend considerable time talking to your agents regarding the matter costing you serious amounts of staff time and where these members of staff have other roles, potentially lost sales and other revenue.

Whats more, customers often are unhappy when the complaint itself is heard internally, after all your company investigated a complaint about your company.

This is where NDR comes in. Our expert team are trained mediators and complaints handlers, with an excellent understanding of consumer, corporate and employer law. They are experts in resolving complaints to the satisfaction of customers and your company.

By using our external service we are able to ensure that your customers are satisfied and return to you in future.

Our service is priced based on how your company operates and you can get a free quote below

So what do customers look for from complaints handling?

Significant research has been conducted into what customers wish to see from a complaints process for it to be seen as effective and so have faith in it. This includes;

  • Access: ease of finding the relevant person to contact
  • Friendliness: politeness, courtesy, good communication
  • Empathy: willingness to take the customers views into account, including understanding that the customer is annoyed
  • Individualised approach to complaint handling
  • Visible effort to problem solve
  • Active feedback on procedures, delays and decisions
  • Reliability: keeping to timetables
  • Speed of response: including reaction to complaint and the resolution

Indeed most customers report that an effective complaints handling process, that is adaptive to their needs is more important than the actual outcome reached. Indeed what was wanted by customers may surprise you as the most commonly desired outcomes ranked by customer expectation were

  • Explanation of why the problem occurred. (74%)
  • To be thanked for giving the company their business (72%)
  • Assurances problems wouldn’t reoccur (71%)
  • An apology (67%)
  • A chance to vent (70%)
  • Compensation (21%)

Considering the demand for outcomes that do not cost the company money, you may be surprised that these outcomes were provided in less than 15% of cases in our study.


So how does this help profit?


Customers who have had their complaints resolved are likely to become repeat customers and are 56% more profitable (including the cost of their complaint) than a new customer!

This is without taking into the cost of marketing, low initial order values and the potential loss of revenue caused from poor reviews, damage to reputation and the costs of resolving escalated complaints. 


The benefits of external complaints handling
Increase in customer retention 80%
Increase in good customer reviews 72%
Saving on resources 56%

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