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A leading ADR service for you and your clients

National Dispute Resolution delivers award winning mediation and arbitration services across the UK offering a cost effective service that delivers consistently high levels of client satisfaction.

NDR has delivered services to the Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Public Guardian, the NHS and hundreds of businesses across the UK. With a settlement rate in excess of 90% and a positive feedback rate of 99%+ you are in safe hands

The latest from NDR

Can mediation really reduce costs in the small claims court?

Charities are struggling more than ever, with reduced spending in these times of austerity, many services particularly those in the non-statutory sector are seeing increasing waiting lists and limitations to their services. The UK’s biggest voluntary services union, Unison found that 80% of advocacy charities say that it is getting harder for clients to get representation and advocacy, as well as basic advice

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Business people in a meeting
NDR also is an accredited mediation training school and offers online learning Diplomas in Civil and Workplace mediation. See what you can learn today
Maxine Nutting
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Alex did a fantastic job resolving issues prior to mediation which allowed matters to be resolved quickly
Mr Ahmed
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The case was with our solicitors for 4 years and wasn't really goign anywhere. I'm still in shock it settled by 4pm, I though our solicitor was mad when he suggested mediation.
Probate Mediation
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A case which had been on our books for nearly 3 years settled in a day and allowed us to concentrate on other matters. Our clients were happy that they achieved more than they expected through litigation

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