We are in business to save time and money. With a simple booking process and friendly clerks you are in safe hands.

Make a small claims mediation referral

For claims under £2000

Includes 2 hours distance mediation

Includes mediation certificate to demonstrate attempt at ADR

Just £50 per party

Make an online referral for our fixed fee scheme

NDR selects the most
appropriate mediator for your case

Includes all travel and prep work

Half day at £345 per party

Full day from £495 per party

View and book an ADR specialist from our panel

Qualified Arbitrators & CMC Registered Mediators

Experience and qualifications verified by NDR

All specialist practitioners are experts in their field

Simple booking process

  • Half day civil mediation (Up to £5000 claim value): £349 per party
  • Full day civil mediation (Up to £80,000 claim value): £495 per party
  • Full day civil mediation (Up to £250,000 claim value): £1195 per party
  • Full day civil mediation (Over £250,000 claim value): £1695 per party
  • For none financial claims please contact our clerking team to discuss your needs
  • Claims below £2000 delivered by Tele based mediation only: £50 per party

Court of Protection cases include all matters where the CoP has jurisdiction regardless of whether a claim has been issued. This includes best interest disputes, attorney/deputy disputes and many more

  • Half day mediation: £1200 total
  • Full day mediation: £1750 total
  • Online/Tele mediation: £599 total
  • Chaired attorney/deputy meetings: £140 per hour
  • Package of 7 attorney/deputy meetings: £695 total

Half day workplace mediation: £299 total

Full day workplace mediation: £499 total

NDR also is a leading CMC accredited mediation training school and due to the current situation is offering a discount on our online learning courses. Why not take a look now
Business people in a meeting

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Just some of our fields of practice

Our Civil and Commercial mediators cover the whole of England and Wales offering an exceptional practice in many varied fields. Our settlement rate is 89% across all fields of practice.

Whatever your dispute our fast and efficient service is able to assist in resolving your dispute today.

Our workplace mediation experts are here to assist you. Our service is able to help resolve disputes that are effecting your team and its productivity, saving considerable sums of money overall. 

Our mediators have assisted with disputes in very varied companies and roles, such as local authorities, multi-national companies and charities. Whats more we are able to help set up your own in-house mediation service or contracted mediation service allowing fast and simple access to mediation via a simple online referral form.

We offer SEND mediation services to local authorities across England & Wales and are a leading training school offering a CMC /CoM accredited SEND mediation training programme. 

Our service is available both for contracted services and one off spot purchasing for SEND mediation at a very cost-effective rate. 

CoP mediation is recommended in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice and is increasingly being used as a way of resolving disputes before the Court of Protection. 

NDR is the leading provider for CoP mediation and is currently undertaking the Office of the Public Guardians Mediation Pilot offering mediation both face to face and distance mediation for attorneys and deputies free at point of access. 

NDR is committed to ensuring that everyone has Access to Justice. Our Small Claims Scheme offers mediation for claims under £2000 for just £50 per party, completed as two hours of distance mediation. Where parties refuse to take part we are able to issue a certificate which can then be submitted to the court for costs determinations. 

Saving significant time and money over court proceedings arbitration can help  you resolve any dispute you may have. 

Our expert arbitrators are all CiArb accredited and work throughout England & Wales

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