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Workplace Mediation

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National Dispute Resolution is the leading provider of mediation services in the UK. Having helped thousands of parties take control of their dispute and avoid the risk and costs of having the court impose expensive judgements against them.

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About our workplace mediation service

Conflict in the workplace is unfortunately very common. Most of the time things end up being resolved with a simple chat; but often they cannot, and soon things take a turn for the worse. Communication then breaks down, other people get drawn in, and what begins as a difference of opinion can quickly become a significant problem for your company.

Disputes occur at all levels: Colleagues, managers, within teams and also between people several management levels apart. Line managers are often too close to the dispute to get involved and HR practitioners can often have a conflict of interest, or may not be trusted by employees to maintain absolute confidentiality. 

Workplace mediation is a quick, cost-effective, and private method of resolving disputes, saving the stresses and costs of formal action, minimising absenteeism, and conforming to current best practice. It focuses on all parties getting what they want from their working relationships with others, and on moving forwards amicably with an agreement that everyone involved has contributed towards.

National Dispute Resolution is a leading provider of workplace mediation, with some of the most expereinced mediators in the field. We have a simple process expertly managed by our dedicated clerks. We can provide a mediator within a week of referral and a mediation summary within 48 hours of the mediation session. We also follow up with all participants and HR within 6 weeks.

We can deliver workplace mediation by a variety of methods and times so please call our friendly and knowledgeable clerks now on 01274 75400 to discuss your matter with us further.

Why workplace mediation?

Well, conflict is present in every workplace at some point. It is also the single most preventable cause of lost revenue and one of the easiest to rectify. Many businesses don’t notice workplace conflict or don’t pick up on the extent of the issue. Signs include;

  • Altering schedules/behaviour to avoid impromptu run-ins
  • Minimising communication to only that which is strictly necessary
  • Increased absenteeism as the employee uses available time off to avoid co-worker
  • Even Sabotaging their co-worker or not working at all

Indeed, Mediation has many benefits with the 2007 Gibbons review finding that mediation was an ideal way of resolving workplace disputes. Indeed both ACAS and the Employment Tribunals enthusiastically support mediation stating that benefits include; 

  • High rates of resolution and employee satisfaction
  • Saves time and money for the employer, and your workforce
  • Reduces stress and long-term absence 
  •  Reduces costs to the company
  • Demonstrates the companies positive culture


Common Considerations

How will the mediation session take place?

The Day

The day will consist of a series of individual meetings with the mediator moving between both parties followed, possibly and if agreed to by one or more joint mediation sessions. What happens in each type of session is;

The Individual Session

This is a chance to talk in private, in confidence. To perhaps raise difficult issues or talk about troubling concerns. This is an opportunity to clear the air and get things off your chest. This often helps people get a better perspective on their situation. You will be able to talk about what you want to achieve and, how to go about that. We will not advise you, nor will we discourage you from any course of action. We will help you think through the pros and cons of any choices you have in this situation and, whether they satisfy your interests and needs. We will help you think clearly; this is a chance to make decisions with someone that has no bias or stake in the outcome.

The Joint Mediation Session

This is a structured process where you have a chance to be heard and listened to by others. It is also a chance to listen and understand the person you have difficulty with.

Workplace mediation gives you the opportunity to say what you want in an amicable fashion in order for the other person to understand how you are feeling and for them to hear what is important to you and vice versa. This involves speaking openly, honestly and directly with feeling. The opportunity here is also to try and understand what is important to the other person and why that might be so. This involves being willing to hear someone out, holding on to your own reactions and suspending your judgements. This means listening carefully. At best this means trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and seeing it from their side. We will ask them to do this for you. We would be asking you all to do this for the other.

Once each person feels they have said all they need to say and that is understood by the other then, we can begin to talk about how to move forward. Here, we will help you work together to try and find different ways of moving forward. Importantly this will mean trying to think differently and create new and different ideas to help you all move forward.

Towards the end of the workplace mediation Session, we will aim to build on any progress and encourage you to recognise what has been of value for yourselves and each other.

Finally we will help you to practically test any outcome or resolution, checking that all are satisfied with both process and outcome

Can mediation be used against me?


Everything that is discussed in mediation is entirely confidential and cannot be shared with anyone without your express permission and this includes the original referrer/HR. 

Where agreement is reached parties may wish that we inform the company of the agreement and that the matter is resolved but even this is at your discretion.

How long will this take?

Mediation will usually take place as a single session and so will be over and done within one day. 

We do provide a distance mediation service that will be carried out over multiple meetings over several days and this will be arranged to fit your schedule and we will confirm with you how long this will take. 

Do I have to meet directly with the other party?

No, whilst both parties will be present at the same venue you will not bump into the other aprty and will not be forced to meet them during the mediation unless this is something you agree to and it is of benefit.

Our Fees

  • Half Day Session

    Includes tax, travel and expenses

  • Full Day Session

    Includes tax, travel and expenses

Areas we cover

  • claims under the inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975
  • allegations of undue influence and fraud in inter vivos and testamentary dispositions
  • allegations of invalid procedure or fraud
  • allegations regarding testamentary capacity
  • negligent drafting of wills
  • disputes as to the validity of alternative wills or codicils

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Our accreditation

National Dispute Resolution is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediation provider in the UK.

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