Debt Mediation Services

What is Debt Mediation

Firstly mediation is 88% successful in reaching full and final settlement. 

Secondly it is the leading way of resolving debts and small claims and should always be seen as the first step before attempting court. Debt mediation is far superior to using traditional debt collection for many reasons;

  • Debtors do not answer debt collectors readily, as we are seen as neutral they readily work with us
  •  You have the services of trained mediators not customer service agents in a call centre
  • It is far more ethical, think PR, yet also more successful
  • It also satisfies Court requirements for ADR
  • The ultimate decision whether to accept an offer remains in your hands! 

What types of debts are suitable

Whatever your claim involves, our expert mediators have years of experience in their respective fields. By using our debt mediation service you are able to recover money owed to you, faster and cheaper than taking the case through court or via traditional debt collection services. 

Our mediation service regularly resolves cases that were considered write offs before they were referred to us. 

  • Personal Debts
  • Business Debts
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Faulty Vehicles
  • And many more
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