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National Dispute Resolution is more than a mediation provider. We are here for our panel members all of whom are individual practitioners helping them with vital clerking support, liaising with clients and ensuring that cash flow is maintained

White Label Service

NDR works as the behind the scenes partner for many of the mediation brands you are used to seeing, we just cant tell you which ones
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Our accreditation

National Dispute Resolution is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediation provider in the UK.

Our Fees

At NDR we always keep things straighforward and honest. Our fee is a flat 10% of the invoiced amount. 

We only ever charge when payment has been collected and there are no standing charges so if you’re not making money then you don’t pay anything to us. 

What services do you provide

We provide the support to help your practise grow, covering everything from client intake, session administration, invoicing, payment facilities, invoicing and PA support. 

At a glance our offer includes everything you would expect from a chambers clerking service;

  • ADR specialist clerking team who will answer all enquiries on the first call increasing client retention
  • Scanning and forwarding of letters and case documents
  • Active diary management
  • Helpline for your clients by phone, email or 24/7 on our website
  • Full administrative support from intake to invoicing
  • Arrangement of venues, travel plans, and client care
  • Payment facilities allowing your clients to pay by BACS, cheque or card
  • Debt collection when things go wrong
  • Complaints handling

All provided at a fixed price of 10% of session undertaken with no upfront costs

A fixed overhead

Running a mediation practise can be a risky business. 

To run a successful practise you will need to have clerking support, you can do this yourself but it isn’t a good idea. Many studies have shown that the biggest complaint in regards to mediation providers is that their contact service consists of a a voicemail and call back service. In addition do you really want to be contacted directly by clients when you have other vital things to be doing at that moment in time? 

By using NDR we are able to act as a filter between you and your clients, ensuring that they receive a response the first time they call and that you are able to get on with the tasks at hand. Our service also ensures that your practise runs smoothly, providing you with access to clerking services, PA support, typing, invoicing, document prep and much more without the overheads. 

Running a full time office is expensive, and recent times have shown that when business is down you run the risk of losing everything. By using NDR you still have access to that support and more, but as we only charge when your getting paid then there are 0 risks involved. We do not set a minimum billing figure and not only does our service reduce risks but we are cheaper than paying for clerks direct. 

Imagine your run a single room office with a single clerk and phone service this might cost per year;

Office: £4,800

Clerk: £16,500

Phone Line: £240

Internet and Utilities: £1200

That is £22,740 and lets be honest that is an extremely conservative estimate with most costs left out. 

With National Dispute Resolution as your partner, you would need to bill £227,400 before you spent the same with us. But more importantly if you bill less, you pay less and if you bill nothing then you pay nothing so join us today

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Our accreditation

National Dispute Resolution is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediation provider in the UK.

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