Nancy Radford

01274 754000

Nancy is an experienced & enthusiastic mediator who excels at listening to all sides, clarifying and translating views so all parties understand. 

She is particularly successful in establishing rapport with vulnerable and resistant clients. Clients value her ability to help them step back and discover new perspectives, especially in situations where emotions are involved. Her calmness and clarity enable clients to find their own effective resolutions and solutions. Nancy mediates online, on telephone as well as face to face. 

Nancy's relaxed, approachable manner combined with a gentle firmness ensures that discussions stay on track and are productive. Nancy has a great settlement record. If there is no settlement on the day, Nancy is happy to continue working with the participants if required, so that the momentum towards settlement is not lost and resolution is achieved. 

Nancy translates jargon into plain English, makes people feel safe and creates a calm environment that fosters co-operation. She keeps the conversation on track, in control and productive.