Small Claims Mediation

Have you considered Arbitration?

If both parties agree to take part, then the case could go through our arbitration process. Here an arbitrator will take written submissions, view evidence and then reach a binding decision. Faster, cheaper and simple than Court

Why mediate my small claim?

Mediation is simpler than court and this scheme is around 86% successful in reaching an agreed settlement that is actually received. 

Indeed, mediation is part of the Civil Procedure Rules and should be considered prior to issuing a claim in the Courts, as such we see many cases sent to mediation by the appointed judge. By mediating first you save what may be unnecessary court and legal costs. 

Whats more, where a case does not settle you will be issued with a Mediation Certificate allowing you to seek to recover the cost of mediation and demonstrating to the Court that you attempted to settle the case prior to issuing via mediation which can then be taken into account in any cost determinations

To submit a case to mediation you just need to complete a simple form below

To start just check that;

  • Your claim is under £2,000 in total
  • You have the other parties details to hand
  • Your claim is not a family, Court of Protection or Criminal matter