Services for Individuals

When buying and selling

When helping your loved ones

Our fight was costing mum money

My brother and I could not agree on what was best for mum. Worse nothing was getting done because we had to sign everything together. We we were not very keen to try mediation.

Mediation actually helped

By using mediation we were able to agree what happened moving forwards. By arranging regular meetings chaired by NDR I was able to discuss what I needed to withour fear of intimidation from my brother.

When looking for new opportunities

New careers begin with little steps

Train as a mediator for just £1650

Our 5 day course can be the start of a new career or add to your already significant skill base.

NDR are here for you

We have already helped thousands of people resolve their claims and recover money owed to them. Our service goes beyond the legal services usually offerred. Our expert mediation staff are here to make sure that you are looked after throughout the proceedings and that your cases resolves the way it should. 

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