Workplace Mediation

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Why workplace mediation?

Firstly lets address why National Dispute Resolution, well firstly we are the go to large mediation provider for workplace mediation and we are one of the few schools to be registered to train workplace mediators with Civil Mediation Council accreditation.

For all that our fees are also the most competitive, indeed we challenge you to find better as our;

  • Half Day workplace mediation is just £299 total
  • Full Day workplace mediation is just £499 total

Secondly, why mediation at all?

Well, conflict is present in every workplace at somepoint. It is also the single most preventable cause of lost revenue and one of the easiest to rectify. Many businesses dont notice workplace conflict or don’t pick up on the extent of the issue. Signs include;

  • Altering schedules/behaviour to avoid impromptu run-ins
  • Minimising communcation to only that which is strictly necessary
  • Increased absenteeism as the employee uses available time off to avoid co-worker
  • Even Sabotaging their co-worker or not working at all

So what is mediation?

  • ‘Where an independent third party helps two or more people in dispute to reach an agreement’

Many practices are labelled as mediation, including informal ‘faciliated discussions’ undertaken by managers or HR. However, true mediation is that conducted by a traiend and experienced mediator which is also carried out in a controlled process. The essential features of mediation include that agreements are voluntary, its contents are confidential and whilst it is informal its process is both controlled and conducted skillfully. 

Mediation has many benefits with the 2007 Gibbons review finding that mediation was an ideal way of resolving workplace disputes. Indeed both ACAS and the Employment Tribunals enthusiastically support mediation stating that benefits include; 

  • High rates of resolution and employee satisfaction
  • Saves time and money for the employer, and your workforce
  • Reduces stress and long-term absence 
  •  Reduces costs to the company
  • Demonstrates the companies positive culture