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Complaints Cost Money

Even where you are in the right, claims and complaints cost time and money to resolve. Worse they can lower your reputation. We can help!

We Save You Money

Our mediation service is the most cost effective in the UK. We are specialists in small claims mediations that give results. Over 92% success rate

Independent Complaints Process

For you and the companies you work with

Neutral Chairing

Increase productivity whilst reducing conflict

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For you and your employees

Office Conflict reduces productivity

Conflict can damage teams and reduce productivity. Even worse is losing established and experienced team members

Workplace mediation works

Restoring relationships and reducing conflict. Workplace mediation helps to restore teams and create harmonious working environments that ultimately increase company productivity

NDR are here for your business

Whether you need help with recovering money owed to you, or whether you are looking to introduce workplace mediation to your company. National Dispute Resolution is here to help. Our expert mediators work across England & Wales assisting both big and small businesses. 

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